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Today, special attention is paid to the need for more efficient use of water, soil, and human potential forces to increase the gross national product and the growing needs of the country in agricultural products. This situation forces us to use advanced methods of agricultural farming, build industrial greenhouses, modern workshops for production of mushrooms, fodder and vegetables hydroponics methods.

The use of the latest advanced technology with the appropriate literate programming will help us to achieve the desired results.

Absolutely clear that there are various systems hothouse of the need for additional primary research, taking into account the climatic conditions, the installation location and the type of culture. Only after these studies are needed to design and implement a system of planting and growing crops, to prevent the loss of money, energy, and not to repeat past bad experiences.


Firm "PATSCO" began its informal activity in 2002 as part of the production of greenhouse products, advice on cultivation of crops and the production of greenhouses. In 2005 the company started its official activities for the production of modern greenhouse designs and plants for the production of mushrooms. Using the experience and professionalism of the staff of the company in conjunction with a well-equipped workshop, we were able to design and produce a variety of greenhouses under license ACM Spain, as well as other advanced agricultural structures.

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